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From The Beginning…

 We openned our little beach shop in the summer of 1999 with a focus on mid-century memorabilia. From the beginning Orchids of Hawaii replicas as well as Tiki Farm, Chikitiki and Bosko mugs were kept behind the counter, favorites of residents and tourists alike. 

Expanding our tropical drygoods we introduced classic brand  Aloha Shirts from Reyn Spooner, Kahala, Go Barefoot, Kamehameha and Pacific Legend. Tiki’s, Masks and artwork from Southern California artists shared an eclectic boutique with vintage Rock and Reggae gear, posters, candles and a humidor filled with premium Cuban seed cigars.  

In early spring of 2006 we began re-modeling our store to better reflect the coastal themes we so loved. With barely 25% of the re-model done, a midnite electrical fire wiped out 100% of our merchandise.  Luckily there were no injuries or structural damage.   After much cleaning, we were able to start with a blank canvas.  HodadHank, owner and lifelong artist, directed the project, and soon  his vision of an unforgettable exotic shopping environment slowly came to life.  With hidden fire-lit Polynesian A-Frames, secret Pirate CovesCarribean Shanties and his epic Tiki frieze design that grace our storefront, the largest tiki in San Diego, now reflect the spirit of aloha that lives within our hearts.

Our selection of curios and collectibles has increased broadly to include curios as diverse as Moari War Clubs and Amazonian Shrunken Heads!

In the summer of 2009 in coordination with our tenth anniversary, our adjoining Freaky Boutiki Gallery openned its doors for exhibitions by the tropical genre’s greatest  artists.  New and unique artworks are displayed and available for purchase year round as our evolution continues…




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